Rutger Engbertson

October 4, 2014

Born in the Netherlands, Rutger Engbertson developed an interest in composites early on and built his first windsurf board at the age of 15. After completing lab technician school, he worked for several windsurf board companies in the Netherlands, Maui, and Hood River. During this time, he worked on custom one design pieces as well as building molds to make production pieces. Rutger ran his own business during 1998-2004, building custom carbon fiber windsurf boards. He then worked at Max Carver, helping to build and design parts for a variety of products, including strollers, sailboat accessories, and ScanEagle parts. Rutger joined Aerovel 3 years ago and is responsible for designing and manufacturing composite parts. Rutger has a wife of 27 year and two children (Junior in HS and Freshman in college).


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