John Stafford

September 18, 2014

John Stafford hails from Pennsylvania, where he studied engineering and art at Bucknell University. John’s early education was in mechanical engineering, which lead to a position on a Formula Ford race team. His interest in electronics grew while working as chief engineer for the campus radio station, which prompted a switch to electrical engineering. He then founded Now Sound Associates, specializing in audio design, recording, and broadcast engineering.  From there, he moved west to design electronic signs and displays at EMCO, starting as a board designer, and eventually becoming general manager. He then accepted a technical position at Keytronic Corporation in Spokane, Washington, where he became the senior engineer responsible for automation control systems used in keyboard assembly.  In the early 1980s, John joined MSM Design where he developed control systems for film processing automation and electronic controls for large-format movie cameras. After discovering his passion for aeronautics, he joined Insitu as an avionics designer and troubleshooter, developing equipment for video processing, RF communications, and onboard power. Involvement with avionics design continued when he joined the Aerovel team as Hardware Design Manager in January 2009.


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