Chuck Simmons

September 18, 2014

Chuck Simmons earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering from The Ohio State University. He has more than 25 years of experience designing mechanical, electronic and embedded systems for a wide variety of products – in industries from general aviation, to heavy duty trucks, to Law enforcement electronics. In 2008 he left his day job to consult full time. With a lifetime interest in all things automotive, the design of UAV engines and engine-control systems was a natural fit. Recognizing the lack of lightweight, low-power electronic fuel injection systems for the UAV market, he designed a fuel injection system specifically for UAVs. This system got the attention Insitu Inc. and landed him a contract to develop fuel injection systems for Scan Eagle and Integrator.
After spending several years commuting between Seattle and the Gorge, Chuck Joined Aerovel and is now a full time Gorge resident. He is responsible for the design of Flexrotor’s propulsion system.


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