August 6, 2012

6 August 2012


Hood Technology is displaying at Unmanned Systems North America a Flexrotor, the remarkable long-range VTOL aircraft from Aerovel, equipped with a Hood Tech stabilized imaging system. Hood Tech’s president, Andy von Flotow, observed that “Flexrotor brings a quantum jump in capability to the small-UAS sector, with its unique mix of VTOL, long-endurance, small size, and fully-automated operation both in flight and on the ground. Adding our best-in-class imaging should make for a remarkably powerful combination.” The Alticam system, mounted in a nose bay forward of the aircraft’s rotor/propellor, combines a lightweight stabilised turret and onboard image processor. The system compensates for airframe motion, delivers video of exceptional acuity, and tracks targets automatically so that “hands-off” surveillance can routinely be maintained for extended periods. Performance of these stabilized imaging systems has been well-proven in recent years, with many hundreds of thousands of flight-hours accumulated in operations at sea and over land.

Hood Technology Vision, Inc. ( designs and manufactures imaging and video processing systems for aircraft, boats, land vehicles, and stationary mounts. Aerovel Corporation ( is developing the Flexrotor unmanned aircraft for introduction to service in 2013-2014, with emphasis on economy in civil applications such as offshore reconnaissance and geological survey. Both firms are based in the Columbia River Gorge in the American northwest.


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