Mechanical Engineer

May 5, 2016

Build the next generation of UAVs. Aerovel Corporation is seeking an experienced mechanical engineer to join our team creating the next generation of miniature robotic aircraft. This position requires someone accustomed to working in a small-team, hands-on environment where the design engineer will be responsible for design, built and test. The prospective candidate will be a self-starter with experience engineering at both the component and system level; with a successful record of moving a product from concept, to prototype, to volume production.

All candidates must have:

• Experience in the component-level design of complex mechanisms
• Hands-on mechanical assembly experience
• Proficiency in the use of machine tools
• Proficiency in the use of computers and electronic test equipment
• Excellent MCAD skills (SolidWorks experience is preferred)
• Internal combustion engine experience

The ideal candidate would also have:

• Two stroke engine development experience
• Mechatronics/robotics/control system experience
• Working knowledge of rapid prototyping and production manufacturing techniques
• Competency in basic electronic circuit design/analysis
• Familiarly with electronic packaging techniques
• Basic computer networking and communication, Ethernet, CAN, Serial
• Embedded systems programming experience

Additional Requirements:

• Engineering degree or equivalent with 5+ years experience
• Self-starter able to work from broad goals rather than specific tasks

Qualified candidates can send their résumé to Aerovel ([email protected])

Aerovel is committed to a diverse workforce. As an Equal Opportunity Employer we provide equal opportunity to all persons, regardless of race, religion, age, gender, disability, status as a protected veteran, national origin, color, or any other classification in accordance with federal, state, and local statutes, regulations and ordinances. Veterans are encouraged to self-identify as Aerovel desires to provide protected veterans priority referrals for open positions. Aerovel complies with all laws and regulations associated with the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

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